Steve Young

Global Executive Director, Caux Round Table

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Stephen B. Young is the Global Executive Director of the Caux Round Table, an international network of experienced business leaders who advocate a principled approach to global capitalism. Advisors to the Caux Round Table include Paul Volcker,John C. Whitehead, William Donaldson and Rodrick M. Hills. The Caux Round Table has representatives across the global economy and leadership teams in 10 countries. Young has published Moral Capitalism, a well-received book written as a guide to use of the Caux Round Table ethical and socially responsible Principles for Business. In 2008 Prof. Sandra Waddock of the Carroll School of Management of Boston College listed Young among the 23 persons who created the corporate social responsibility movement in her book The Difference Makers. At Young’s initiative, the Caux Round Table is pioneering an Academy for Public
Service in Minnesota.

Steve Young is married to Pham Thi Hoa and they have three grown children. Young was born on Nov 2, 1945 in Washington D.C. He was educated at the International School Bangkok, Harvard College (graduating Magna Cum Laud) and Harvard Law School (graduating Cum Laud). Young volunteered for service during the Vietnam War. After a year of language training, he worked in village development for the CORDS Advisory program in South Vietnam from 1968 to 1971. In 1975 Young took the initiative to begin the resettlement program of refugees from Indochina after the Vietnam War was lost.Young was an Assistant Dean at the Harvard Law School and later Dean and Professor of Law at the Hamline University Law School. He is currently a member of the Executive Committee of the Convention of Independent Financial Advisors in Geneva and is a founder and a member of the Board of Magni Global Assets, an investment management firm. He is a member of the US Advisory Council to the Papal Fondazione Centemisus Annus, established by Pope (now Saint) John Paul II as a lay organization to promote Catholic Social Teachings.

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