Be the Force for Unity

Authentic Voice

Finding Your Voice

Perhaps your unsung song is writing, dancing, sewing, juggling, gardening, cooking, mentoring, or advocating for change. It may also be found and expressed through a new dimension in your career. Regardless of what it might be, as a mindfulness practice, make a commitment to share some talent or creative self-expression you have been holding back from the world with at least three people you trust and know that you are priming the pump; you are honoring the gift that is uniquely yours to share. You may be surprised at how easy it is when you connect with that sacred place within that knows how to “sing” your song and is not afraid of rejection or criticism — that place is where your heart and soul commingle and it is where your authentic self dwells, awaiting your arrival.
Is it time to come to the edge of that dark place called fear and uncertainty and let your light shine? Are you being called to express your uniqueness? Finding your authentic voice is for naught unless you are willing to use it. When you live with a willingness to allow your authentic voice to be heard something mystical and magical begins to happen: Your heart opens and your soul soars because you are revealing who you were born to be. Indeed, sing your song for all you are worth… and trust me, who you are is extraordinarily invaluable. Why? Because you are one of a kind. THAT is how important your gift is to the world — the world needs to hear your authentic voice. Now, the stage is yours… and they are calling your name.

What We Do

Be Unafraid of Being Alone

Walk Your Own Path

Get To Know Your Voice

Be Honest With Yourself

Don't Form Judgement

Act Upon Creative Calling

Why We Do It

Be Unafraid

The only way you can find your true center is alone. Allow yourself to answer the calling of what pulls you in.

Create Your Path

We define ourselves with external factors. Placing more weight on what’s happening outside of us rather than inside of us. Conditioned by fear. Instead of basing decisions to conform, start basing them on YOU. Your goals, desires and dreams. Walk your own path.

Inner Voice

Your voice is meant to be completely different than anyone else. Which is why it’s hard to recognize. Don’t “think” about or intellectualize what you’re feeling. Let it be.

Be Honest

Honesty is tough. But if you want to find your voice this work has to be done. When we don’t listen to our intuition, we abandon our souls. The sooner you can be honest, the sooner you can have authentic freedom.

No Judgement

Allow yourself to surrender to your emotions and take note without judgment. It’s in the silences we can learn who we truly are and how to help ourselves. Where we find our voice.

Creative Calling

Creativity is the closest we get to our authenticity. Our connection to something greater than us. Ethereal. That’s where your voice can be found as well.

“Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them,” Henry David Thoreau

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Take Action

Be it an act of volunteerism, voicing an opinion, finding connections through online networks or turning contacts into national or global campaigns, citizen driven solutions are critical to challenging the status-quo and breaking down barriers to innovations that will improve the health of our communities, businesses, cities, nation and the world.

Make A Change

Social Change

Citizens are ready for, and demanding, social change. They need better, smarter and more effective ways to enact that change and they need greater faith that their voice will make a difference. We want to catalyze the efforts of change makers who put citizens at the center of efforts to solve the world’s greatest social challenges.

Transformative Change

The actions of one person have the potential to spark a movement. And we believe that it are movements created by engaged citizens that can lead to transformative change.